Burning pellets in a wood fireplaces

From Pelletaran we want to promote the use of pellets, also in wood stoves

 Pellets are an environmental friendly product stemming from our forests, whose heating power turns it into the best fuel to generate household heat.foto pellets 1mesA pellet basket is an iron container specifically built to burn pellets in wood and coal fireplaces and stoves. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pellet_baskets


 Its special design enables pellet combustion through the sheer effect of natural convection, without requiring a forced air supply, as in pellet stoves, thus avoiding the use of electricity or noisy mobile components. The classic fireplace flame: slow, silent and cosy.


   Easy to start: As easy as setting fire to some fire-starting tablets and placing them ABOVE de pellet charge. Pellets burn from above.

  Environmental friendly: Quality pellets, EN Plus A1 or DIN Plus are made of stripped wood containing less than 10% humidity, which favours a cleaner combustion than wood.

  Low cost: Pellets are inexpensive, approx. 4’30€ the 15 kg bag, and their price is stable. You can stock them at a very favourable price outside the high season.


  Pellet stock: The volume of pellets required to produce a certain amount of energy  is three times smaller than the volume of wood necessary to produce the same amount of energy. Pellets are so thick they don’t float.

  Clearing: No more wood in your living–room, just a container and a small shovel. The stove glass stays cle for a much longer period of time. Up to 60% less Creosote is built up inside the fume pipes.

  Comfort: The remaining ashes (less than 1’5%) are very scarce, and they even allow us to restart the fire without removing them beforehand; removing them every two or three days is enough.


Power: Pellets have a very high heating power (>5KWh/Kg) higher than wood ( an average of 3’5KWh/Kg, depending on humidity and species)

Best regards.

Jordi B.Pelletaran

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